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The following chapters are excerpts from OLIFE's book:

Can We Restore Paradise?

  1. Save Our Forests -- Stop Clearcutting - An introduction to the destructive practice of clearcutting, its ramifications upon forest health, and some options for a new direction.

  2. History Of Forest Mismanagement - A look into the abuses of legal and monetary power that have handed our public lands to the timber industry, and led us to todays economic and ecological crisis.

  3. Watersheds and Fisheries - The relationship between industrial clearcutting, chemical herbicides, and the decline of the Northwest fisheries.

  4. Pesticidal and Herbicidal Warfare - Information regarding forestry herbicides, their effects upon human and animal health, and an introduction to non-toxic weed and pest controls.

  5. Ecological and Spiritual Values of Forests - Explores the relationships native cultures had and continue to have with their forests, and what we can learn from them.

  6. Outdoor Recreation and the Public Forests - Enjoying the beauty and diversity of forest ecology while realizing economic values from the forest.

  7. Ecoforestry and Special Forest Products - Examines strategies and techniques for harvesting ecologically sustainable forest products.

  8. Recycling Saves Forests - Looks at ways to save forests by conserving paper and wood products.

  9. Alternatives to Wood Products - Overview of building materials and construction techniques that require the use of little or no wood products

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