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Sustainable Forestry Network is a grassroots, non-profit Political Action Campaign (PAC), located in the state of Oregon. Our purpose is to educate the public as to the ecological, spiritual, and commercial values of our forestlands, as well as ensuring that the legacy of our natural heritage is passed on to our children through the implementation of sustainable, non-destructive forest use policies.

Sustainable Forestry Network has a grassroots campaign underway to qualify the Oregon Forest Restoration Initiative for the November 2008 ballot. Using the State of Oregon's citizen initiative process, Sustainable Forestry Network must collect approximately 80,000 signatures of Oregon registered voters by June 2008 to qualify for the ballot. Your help is needed in this effort to stop the devastating and unnecessary practice of clearcutting on private and state forestlands throughout Oregon. Let's work together to protect the state's remaining 4% of old growth forests, and to stop hazardous chemical herbicide and pesticide use on forestlands.

The Oregon Forest Restoration Initiative does not propose a ban on logging. It is a carefully thought out proposal that requires that timber on private and state forestlands be harvested by selective logging as an alternative to the current wasteful practices. It also protects and helps restore the remaining old growth stands in Oregon. Finally, the measure seeks to restore our soil, air, and water quality by requiring the use of safe, non-toxic weed and pest control methods on state and private forestlands in Oregon.

Following are the video documentaries that Sustainable Forestry Network has put together to examine methods for sustainable forest management and ecoforestry. Some of the videos describe problems with clearcut logging and herbicide spraying in the forest. Some videos focus on ecological alternatives being used in the forest and the positive benefits of good forestry.

"AMAZON HEADWATERS": Documentary about successful effort to stop 40 acre clearcut in Eugene, OR. Neighbors explain their campaign to stop a huge housing development and the importance of preserving this important watershed. Discussion of the ecology of the forest.

"POLE BUILDING": Build with small diameter timber that is typically wasted by timber harvesters. Discussion with Kalapuya elder Bill Burwell and ecoforester Joshua Smith.

"CLARK CREEK FIRE": SFN Director Gary Kutcher and Ecoforester Joshua Smith tour area burned by the Clark Creek fire and discuss the effects of fire on forests.

"FOREST ECO-SCAVENGERS": SFN Director Gary Kutcher interviews Brock Bursey and Jesse Marsh about their work ecologically harvesting special forest products.

"ECONOMICS AND ECOFORESTRY": Ecoforester Joshua Smith discusses the importance of ecological forest management for a sustainable future that respects Nature.

"CLEARCUT BAN": TV news analysis of the 1998 Ballot Measure 64 Campaign to stop clearcut logging in Oregon.

"FOREST DWELLERS": Meeting at Baily Hill School in Eugene, Oregon for grassroots organization working to stop chemical spraying in forests in Lane County.

"FOREST WALK": Overview of sustainable forestry; a walk through sustainable forest with Gary Kutcher, Executive Director of Sustainable Forestry Network.

"HORSE LOGGING": Sustainable forestry operation and teaching center at Aprovecho in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Tree removal using a team of horses shows sensitive logging effort.

"THE TREE": Josh Smith talks about the important role of trees in the ecosystem and the ecology and sustainable uses of the tree.

"LORANE LOGGING/BIG MACHINE": Huge clearcutting operation in Lorane, Oregon; effects on the environment and the family that lives next door.

"CASCADIA FOREST GOODS": Mike Barnes, owner of the company, discusses sustainable forestry and certification of sustainable forest goods with ecoforester Joshua Smith.

"NATE COLEMAN": Ecoforestry operation in Pleasant Hill, Oregon; interview with ecoforester Nate Coleman, 2002 winner of Lane County Tree Farmer of the Year award.

"ONE GREEN WORLD": Unusual fruiting plant nursery in Molalla, Oregon promoting landscaping with exotic ornamental food plants.

"PITCHFORK REBELLION": Protesting of herbicide spraying near Triangle Lake, Oregon; interviews with folks with health problems caused by spraying.

"PORTABLE SAW MILL": Milling trees cut sustainably at Aprovecho Research Institute. Discussion with forester Mathew Hall and portable mill owner.

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